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Social Auxiliary Worker – On the frontline
October 30, 2020
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Social Worker

How can we help you?

As Social Workers in South Africa our general mandate it to assist people at the point of their need. We are here to provide much-needed protection, support and assistance to individuals, families and children who are vulnerable, in need or are enduring a crisis.

As part of a team of Social Workers working for iThemba Rape and Support Centre, I proudly carry that mandate as we offer free counselling and free forensic assessment to victims of GBV, rape and other traumatic events. We are here to offer trauma counselling for victims, therapeutic interventions and debriefing. In the event that a client is in need of further assistance, we are there to refer and transfer clients to the relevant organisations inorder to ensure they receive the proper care and attention.  

The Four P’s of Social Work

In order for us to be effective to those who come to us in need of help there are what I call the 4 P’s that are essential in our practice


It is impossible to impact the lives of communities without passion. Passion for people and passion for justice and most importantly passion for healing and instilling hope. At iThemba Rape and Support Centre we have a passion for people and communities. This is why we do what we do. From counselling and therapeutic interventions to Individual, group and Community empowerment – our aim is to give people hope again after they have faced trauma in their life. Hope and belief that a new life is possible and attainable.


When dealing with clients undergoing trauma, patience is of the utmost importance. This is not only in terms of counselling and social work and giving victims the time and safe space to engage but understanding that not all cases are straightforward and not all motives are pure. It is patience without judgement that allows us to get victims to feel safe enough to trust iThemba Rape and Support to walk this journey with them.


Violence is an act that strips the victim of all their dignity. It is with this understanding that we at iThemba Rape and Support Centre ensure that no matter what age, gender or demographic, each and every person that walks into our centres is treated with the utmost respect and professionalism.


When someone faces trauma as a result of violence, they feel overwhelmed and in need of a safe harbour. Any relationship between a client and their social worker is based on a foundation of trust. As social workers at iThemba Rape and Support, we ensure that the environment we receive victims in and the manner with which we engage them is conducted with the utmost respect.

Our commitment to community

iThemba Rape and Support is all about Community and all our initiatives are geared towards making the communities around us, not only safe but aware of their rights and the services available to them. Through community awareness campaigns people are more aware of their challenges and how to address them in a tranquil manner.

We cultural sensitivity we engage and assist communities, school and organisations in the following ways:

  • Individual, group and Community empowerment in terms of therapeutic wellness, knowledge of rights and responsibilities and how to access different services.
  • Conducting awareness campaigns based on GBV (Gender based Violence) and Rape,

The methods which are used to conduct these awareness campaigns are:

  • Community dialogues
  • School talks,
  • Marches, 
  • Door to Door campaigns and
  • Presentations.

While the challenges we face in conducting our work are many, we remain committed to serving and giving hope to those whom society and humanity may have failed along the way. This is what iThemba Rape and Support is about.

Sharon Nomathemba Muhadi is a Social Worker who joined iThemba Rape and Support Centre on the 20th of February 2015. She works tirelessly managing 4 Victim Empowerment Centers (VECs) located in Benoni, Tsakane, Boksburg and Etwatwa.

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